Founded in 2004, Migrations brings international contemporary arts to Wales while developing innovative collaborations, commissions and partnerships in Wales and further afield.

Migrations' Director Karine Décorne wrote:
Migrations presents performances, exhibitions, screenings and workshops featuring high profile international contemporary artists - an exciting window onto today’s contemporary landscape.

Why Migrations? Because, in the field of contemporary creation, it has become increasingly common for boundaries to blur, merge and sometimes disappear altogether. Artists are not just crossing geographical boarders to be here, but physical, artistic and conceptual ones too.

We invite you to discover with an open mind these exhibitions of movements, words, images and sounds. All these performances have moved me intensely. Often surprising, sometimes exhilarating, but always thought provoking, I hope they will move you too.

After many events there are opportunities for us to meet informally the choreographers, artists and performers. I hope you will feel free to ask questions and respond to the work and so continue the process of development and exchange of ideas.

Migrations is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company based in north Wales.

  • Arts Migrations CIC - Registered in Wales Company Number 7792241

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