Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 September 2015
11am- 5pm
Promenade, Llandudno - LLAWN03


Turning the streets into a playground...

Migrations presents Wales’ premiere of L’Animalada, as part of LLAWN03. Turning the streets into a playground with beautiful constructions made of recycled materials by Catalan group of artists Katakrak.

An original collection of free standing sculptures, each one a game. Each game is an animal constructed from found and recycled materials. A washing machine’s motor becomes a fish; a kitchen pot becomes a penguin, the bumper from an old car becomes a flamingo.

Can you imagine giving cherries to a crocodile? Helping an elephant water flowers? Have you become a bee lost in a field of flowers?

Twenty Seven enchanting, magical and interactive playful game-animals that are exciting for all the family.

Come and join in.

Migrations - L'Animalada Migrations - L'Animalada Migrations - L'Animalada Migrations - L'Animalada Migrations - L'Animalada


National Manager & Production: Sandra Sardà Cabero
International Manager & Production: Peppe Cannata
Photos: Katakrak
Supported by: LLAWN03
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