Boombox Eryri - Film Premieres

Friday 17 January 2014
Club Llanrwstthe old British Legion.
7:30pm, FREE

100 people, 100 songs, 100 places, 100 dances.

World premiere screening of Boombox Eryri (final cut) a film produced by Migrations, inspired by New York based performer and art director Ely Kim's Boombox and recreated with the people of north Wales. In collaboration with Austrian artist David Subal, Migrations filmed 100 people dancing to their favourite music in their favourite place in rural Conwy.
The resulting short film is a celebration of dancing, rural Conwy and its communities.

The accompanying documentary Boombox Eyri People will also be screened, filmed by Eilir Pierce and featuring many of the projects' participants.

How it all happened...

The project started when Migrations' Director, Karine Décorne, fell in love with Ely Kim's original Boombox film where he surreptitiously films himself dancing in a hundred different public locations. The team began to dream of making a version of the film rooted in our own community. So, with help from Austrian artist David Subal, film-maker Eilir Pearce and one hundred willing people of all ages, professions, musical tastes and dance styles we spent an intensive few weeks madly traversing the Welsh countryside dancing and filming by lakes, up mountains, under waterfalls, on cricket pitches, in back gardens, farmyards, hidden huts and high street shops. Then, while the rest of the team took a breather, Eilir carefully selected brief moments from each session and edited together a fast paced short film... minus the final scene.
Ely Kim then flew over from the USA to join the participants, friends and family in a disco celebration in Llanrwst, We played the chosen music from the film and, in keeping with the original Boombox, filmed the final scene of our own film - everyone dancing together!
Eilir then made the final cut of Boombox Eryri and also created a documentary featuring many of the particpants in the project.

Free DVD

Migrations Boombox Eryri - limited edition DVD

We made a limited edition DVD, designed by Kutchibok and including Boombox Eryri, Boombox Eryri People and a galley of images from the project. We have one free copy for each person attending the premiere - when they're gone, they're gone!


Dancers: all these people
  • Adele Parry
  • Agnes Carter
  • Aled Ellis-Morris
  • Amlyn Layton
  • Angharad Harrop
  • Anna Benjamin
  • Anna Birgitte Edwards
  • Anwen Goodacre
  • Anya Spencer-Turner
  • Ben 'Wacko' Brodie
  • Ben Ellis
  • Bernie Fahy
  • Cara Moville
  • Cara Parry
  • Carwyn Pierce
  • Ceri Phillips
  • Ceri Rimmer
  • Christopher 'Bizzle' Bailey
  • Cledwyn Pierce
  • Dafydd Huw Wrennall
  • Dale 'Eskey-Boy' Riley
  • Dan Roberts
  • Daniel Stephens
  • Del Davies
  • Dilwyn Pierce
  • Dona Humphreys
  • Eilir Pierce
  • Elen Ifan
  • Elin Pierce
  • Elliw Pierce
  • Elvina Clampitt
  • Ely Kim
  • Emma Louis
  • Emma-Jane Sutcliffe
  • Erin Mai Grove
  • Eryl Jones
  • Gareth Wyn Jones
  • George Amor
  • Geraint Roberts
  • Gina Suzanne Norris
  • Giuliana Christmas
  • Glyn Jones
  • Gwen Ellis-Pari
  • Gwyneth Couchman
  • Harley Lloyd Jones
  • Heledd Pierce
  • Huw Cunnah
  • Ian Roberts
  • Ilan Pierce
  • Iolyn Chennell
  • Iwan G. Williams
  • Jack Rattenby
  • Jake Grove
  • Jane McCormack
  • Jane Spencer-Turner
  • Jason Williams
  • Jez Dodd
  • John Grove
  • Joleen Pierce
  • Jon Page
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Karine Décorne
  • Katie Trent
  • Kevin Gallagher
  • Kitty Carter-Smith
  • Laurence Carter
  • Lisa Carter
  • Lyn Roberts
  • Magi Pierce
  • Mali Pari
  • Manon Pierce
  • Mari Jones
  • Mari Morgan
  • Martin Beecroft
  • Mary Twoney
  • Megan Broadmeadow
  • Mike Wallis
  • Millie Todd
  • Nadine Carter-Smith
  • Nathan Jones
  • Owain Ynyr Pierce
  • Pete Cawley
  • Philip Moreland
  • Rachel Evans
  • Rhian Haf
  • R Glyn Jones
  • Rob Butters
  • Rob Dodd
  • Roger Hughes
  • Ryan Hazeldine
  • Sally Palin
  • Sam Jones
  • Samuel Carter
  • Sion Tryfan Edwards
  • Siri Wigdel
  • Sue Corr
  • Sue Parry
  • Susan Jane Nixon
  • Tanya McCormack
  • Tom Goodacre

Original Concept: Ely Kim
Producer: Migrations
Artistic Associate: David Subal
Director: Eilir Pierce


Boombox Eryri is funded by: Arts Council of Wales, CVSC, Conwy Rural Partnership, Conwy County Borough Council in partnership with Golygfa Gwydyr, Dawns i Bawb and Real Institute.