In the Eyes of the Animal

Marshmallow Laser Feast

15 July - 4 August 2016
8am - 7pm
Summerhouse Cafe, Bute Park, Cardiff

Migrations & RSPB Cymru present In the Eyes of the Animal in partnership with the City of Cardiff Council.

See the world through the eyes of an animal!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a woodland animal?To flutter like a drago fly or jump like a frog? Discover the world anew through this 360 degree virtual reality experience immersing you in a vibrant world of woodland creatures.

Creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast has created an incredible animated experience based on the life-cycle of woodland species.

With your feet firrmly on the ground you will wear bespoke Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. Then be transported on a multi-sensory journey, creeping on the woodland floor and flying in the canopy – all through the eyes of four animals native to Bute Park.

Families can also enjoy some additional wild time together - all with a digital twist; from giant bug hunts with microscopic views of woodland animals to wild family challenges in the trees..

The Verge wrote:
“It’s like a slice of some hidden world where everything is beautiful and our senses don’t work the same."

Fast Company wrote:
"Turns out life in the forest is pretty mind-blowing."

Wired wrote:
"Rethink human perception through VR."

About the Artists

Marshmallow Laser Feast uses technology to reinterpret human perception. They’ve earned a reputation for creating the seemingly impossible with their responsive installations exciting audiences worldwide. Their cutting-edge artworks use kinetic sculpture, live performance and virtual reality. In the Eyes of the Animal is their third virtual reality art work.

Not suitable for children under five. Children under thirteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Is the event ticketed and do I need to book before hand?

The event is free of charge and not bookable in advance. To take part in the experience please go to the Summerhouse Cafe in Bute Park to collect a ticket.

Do children have to be supervised by an adult?

Yes. All children aged 13 and under must be supervised by their parent or guardian. Maximum two children per parent or guardian. The experience is not suitable for children aged under five.

How long does the experience last?

The In the Eyes of the Animal virtual reality film is 10 minutes long but allow about 30 minutes for the whole experience. This is available everyday 8am to 7pm from 15 July – 4 August. During this time there will be busy periods when dwell time around the experience may be more limited. For maximum time to enjoy the experience we recommend visiting during the week & earlier or later in the day.
In addition to the virtual reality experience, self-guided nature based activities will be available daily, suitable for children and families. Storytelling sessions with Cardiff Libraries will also be running each day except Sundays, from Monday 18 July to Thursday 4 August.

Is the experience suitable for everyone?

Due to the size of the virtual reality headsets the experience is not suitable for children under five years old, but children of all ages are still welcome to participate in the self-guided nature-based activities running alongside the event.

Is the event suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes. A mobility scooter will be available for all visitors to the event requiring assistance.

Do you accommodate larger groups, including school groups?

Yes. Four people can participate in the virtual reality experience at any one time. For groups larger than four people we will endeavour to make sure everyone takes part in the experience as close together as possible. To help with this, we recommend large groups visit during the week and earlier or later in the day.

Are there toilet facilities near by?

Yes. Bute Park has public toilets available within approximately 10 minutes walk of the experience.

I'm hard of hearing, will this affect my experience?

The virtual reality experience includes moving images, physical motion created by a back-pack and 3D stereo sound. As a multi-sensory experience it's not reliant on full hearing but the 3D stereo sound may be slightly less effective.

Will the event be open if it rains?

In rain or high winds the event will be closed for safety. We will announce this and updates re when the event reopens via RSPB Cymru’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Is In the Eyes of the Animal safe?

Yes. The staff and volunteers running In the Eyes of the Animal are trained in helping people prepare for and enjoy their virtual reality experience. If any visitors feel discomfort from the experience staff and volunteers are trained in how to quickly and effectively respond to this and restore visitor comfort.
To manage any fire hazards associated with the virtual reality equipment, fire extinguishers are onsite and all staff and volunteers managing the event are trained in their use and aware of fire protocol.

Will In the Eyes of the Animal cause damage to Bute Park?

Plans for In the Eyes of the Animal have been developed with great attention to the health of the plants, trees and animals in and around the event space. The City of Cardiff Council Parks Team have assessed and approved the event space we're using and all plans for setting up, running and breaking down the event meet their guidelines.

Will In the Eyes of the Animal affect wildlife?

The In the Eyes of the Animal event space, equipment and structures will be inspected regularly, day and night, to ensure wildlife is not affected.

Why is the RSPB working with an arts organisation?

The RSPB wants to do all it can to help save nature. To do this they need to reach out to millions more people so that together we can address the increasingly pressing needs of nature. They’re keen to appeal to anyone who values nature and we're keen to engage new audiences as well as existing supporters.
By partnering with arts organisation Migrations to deliver In the Eyes of the Animal they're better positioned to reach new audiences and engage existing supporters in new and interesting ways as Migrations brings international contemporary performances & interactive installations to Wales; engaging audiences with the natural environment in an alternative way to the RSPB’s typical approach to date.

Where has the money for In the Eyes of the Animal come from?

Funding for this event comes entirely from the Arts Council of Wales, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Tesco customers through the Welsh Government’s carrier bag levy.

All this use of electricity isn't very good for the environment. What are you going to do to about it?

To ensure this event is carbon neutral we'll be planting trees in Bute Park later in the year. These trees will also provide a home for nature; creating a legacy for wildlife after the event.


Make your way to the Summerhouse Cafe in Bute Park, Cardiff (just over the footbridge from Sofia Gardens).

Map showing location of In the Eyes of the Animal in Bute Park. Cardiff.

Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff

Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff is delivered by RSPB Cymru in partnership with the City of Cardiff Council and funded by Tesco customers through the Welsh Government’s carrier bag levy.

Delivering free outreach sessions to all primary schools in Cardiff and free events for families, the project aims to put frogs, autumn leaves and muddy knees back in to childhood to help inspire the next generation to look after our city’s amazing wildlife.

Carolyn Robertson, Project Manager – Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff wrote:
“We’re so excited to be part of In the Eyes of the Animal; a completely unique experience with nature from a totally new perspective!The perfect excuse to spend an unforgettable day in Bute Park. We wish everybody a truly magic moment as an insect flying through the trees."


In partnership with

RSPB Cymru
City Of Cardiff Council

In the Eyes of the Animal is originally commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and Forestry Commission England’s Forest Art Works. Produced by Abandon Normal Devices and Marshmallow Laser Feast. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Forestry Commission England.

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Marshmallow Laser Feast

  • Concept and direction: Marshmallow Laser Feast: Barnaby Steel & Robin McNicholas with Key Collaborators: Ersin Han Ersin & Natan Sinigaglia
  • Creative Develoment: Natan Sinigaglia
  • Design & Creative Drection: Ersin Han Ersin
  • Sound Design: Antoine Bertin / Soundoesntravel
  • Executive Produce: Eleanor (Nell) Whitley
  • Assistant Producer Annatruus Bakker
  • Production Designer: Marc Winklhofer
  • Interaction Design: Abraham Manzanares

With thanks to

  • Mark Tozer, Bute Park Manager

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