Jinx 103

Cie József Trefeli (Switzerland)

Saturday 11 April 2015 | Wrexham | Free
11am: Hope Street
2pm: Chester Street

Jinx 103

"an astonishing performance...entertaining and thought-provoking” - A Pásztóy”

Jinx 103 is a breathtakingly energetic dance of lightning fast footwork, leg twisting and weaving, high kicks and turning jumps.

It is also a vibrant body percussion with complex sound patterns of clapping and slapping, clicking and stamping.

This dynamic performance mixes traditional and contemporary dance and has engaged audiences around the world including Lebanon, Mexico, Cuba, Italy and South Africa.

Geneviève Charras, La Fleur du Dimanche wrote:
"Breathtaking. A humorous and superb duet… revisiting the rules of folk dances and rejuvenating them with an explosive manner."


Concept / Choreography / Dance

József Trefeli, Gábor Varga


Frédérique Jarabo

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