Matrioska | Tiago Guedes

Friday 12 November 2010 | Galeri, Caernarfon
Performance Time: 7.30pm


  • Artistic Direction and Choreography: Tiago Guedes (Portugal)
  • Details: Duet, 40 minutes, Wales Premiere
  • Performers: Francesca Bertozzi, Pietro Romani
  • Set Design and Costumes~~: Catarina Saraiva
  • Sound & Music: Sérgio Cruz
  • Technical Direction and Light Design:
  • Mafalda Oliveira and Tiago Guedes
  • Production: Materiais Diversos

Tiago Guedes' acclaimed Matrioska is a duet designed for children and young people. Its beautiful to look at, wonderfully performed and adults love it too!

Using the simplest of means, Portuguese choreographer Tiago Guedes constructs a magical world where shapes and shadows appear and disappear, creating characters who amuse, delight, startle and raise questions. What is hiding there? What is inside that shape? What is that shadow? Is there someone inside it?

Unlike the Russian doll (with successively smaller dolls inside the big one), our Matrioska is a place where different layers of reality are revealed in a kaleidoscope of images, sounds and situations. Its a place of constant discovery and curiosity.

Matrioska is an engaging enigma from beginning to end, where children and adults alike build their own story from the marvelous ingredients of Guedes' world.

Suitable for children aged 6 years and over (and big people too).

"An ironic dark fable...absolutely extraordinary." Publico


Sound: Filipe Galante (sound synthesis) | Co-production: Théâtre Le Vivat, Armentières, France · CPA – Centro de Pedagogia e Animação do Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal · RE.AL, Lisbon, Portugal | Support: RE.AL, Atelier RE.AL · Project supported by Instituto das Artes and Ministério da Cultura (Ministry of Culture), Portugal.