S├ębastien Preschoux (France)

New Site Specific Commission // Large scale installation

Ffin y Parc, Llanrwst

  • 23.06 - 01.09.2019 // Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am to 5pm'

copyrights: Keith Morris

Migrations is commissioning French artist S├ębastien Preschoux to create a large scale new site specific installation at Ffin y Parc.
Sebastien Preschoux has woven unique, stunning and intricate large scale thread sculptures which respond to the environment.
This new work made specifically for the occasion will inhabit the beautiful grounds of Ffin y Park and stretch among the majestic trees.

This site specific installation will celebrate the success of this arts gallery promoting Welsh artists in the area which hosted the very first British artists colony in the 1800s.
Betws y Coed and surroundings have become extremely popular among tourists but most people, including locals, are not aware of the fact that it became such because of the legacy of the first British artists colony.

We aim through this work to raise awareness about this forgotten part of heritage and meaningfully linking the past with the present by celebrating the presence of this uniqueness of Ffin y Parc.







In partnership with Ffin y Parc