Store - Bangor | Michikazu Matsune & David Subal

Wednesay 12 to Saturday 15 May 2010 | 311 High Street, Bangor
Open 10am to 5pm

Concept and performance: Michikazu Matsune & David Subal (Japan/Austria)
Details: On-going performance over four days, UK Premiere

Store is a shop. Art is a business.

Fancy a take away, or a special delivery? How about a cheap copy of an expensive original? You can choose all this and more from this store. A European phenomenon, this is the first Store in the UK. Enter, and you are invited to peruse a menu of over sixty movements, actions and behaviours. Make your choice and then watch as your purchase is performed especially for you.

A totally unique experience for each shopper, this piece interacts with the shops, city and inhabitants within it as Matsune & Subal play humorously with the idea of a successful business chain following previous outlets in Vienna, Oslo and Philadelphia, to name but a few.

With prices starting at 50p - art really is affordable for everyone.


Culture 2000, Terrains Fertiles, Im_flieger, the city of Vienna.