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Michikazu Matsune & David Subal (Japan / Austria)

July - September 2014 | Wales

Store Tour Wales

"Simply brilliant – just the most entertaining, engaging and original performance I’ve seen for a long time!”

STORE is a shop. Art is a business. Come and buy performances!

A shopping experience like no other. Fancy a take-away, or a special delivery? How about a cheap copy?

Enter STORE and you are invited to peruse a menu of over sixty mini performances. Choose, and then watch as your purchase is performed especially for you.

STORE is a totally unique experience as Austrian and Japanese artists Matsune & Subal play humorously with the idea of a successful business chain.

Prices start at 50p - art really is affordable for everyone.

With over a dozen previous global outlets including Vienna, Paris, Kyoto and New York, STORE now comes to a shop near you - don’t miss it!

previous Store shoppers wrote:

"Absolutely amazing. My face hurts from smiling so much!"

"The guys are hilarious!"

"Bloody fantastic, I’m coming everyday."

"Absolutely brilliant fun, loving it."

"Store is an utterly brilliant unique concept. Brilliant stuff."

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Open 10.30am to 4.30pm Wed to Sat
10.30am - 3.00pm Sunday (Llandudno only)



A project by Matsune & Subal. Tour produced by Migrations.
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